Philodendron Painted Lady 4″

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The Details

The Philodendron Painted Lady is a stunning climbing plant, with vibrant variegated foliage. This tropical houseplant enjoys a light soil mixture, and no wet feet! Give your Painted Lady lots of water once it dries out (AKA the “soak and dry” method). She also enjoys warmth and humidity to get the best, and most lush, foliage. New growth will start out neon yellow, and slowly darken to a splotchy, deep green colour. She’s a vision! By Plantsome. 

Pot size- Pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Watering Schedule- Infrequent water needed 

Repotting requirements- Repot once every 2 years
Current Approx. Height- 20 cm tall, including pot
Light requirements- Bright, Indirect to Low

Pets- Toxic

Fertilizing requirements- Once every two weeks in summer
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